Juicy Couture Rock the Rainbow Palm Trees Eau de Toilette. A collection of crisp, refreshing hues, this perfume takes you straight to the beach, guiding the senses through an olfactive journey.

Opening with a citrus accord of Nectarine and Lemon, the fragrance is like a cool tropical breeze, gracing the body with a sense of calm. Enlivened by floral middle notes, the eau de toilette dives into the delicate heart, splashing the body with refreshment. The herbaceous hues of Crushed Leaves are seamlessly blended with the sweet scent of Jasmine and Ivy, grounding the perfume with a floral bouquet. Finally, the base notes take full control, an unusual mix of musk and flowers. Merging to create a bittersweet ending, Sandalwood and Cictus Flower intertwine to reflect the satisfying yet sad end to the summer season. 

Juicy Couture Palm Trees Please Rock The Rainbow EDT Spray

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